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D4F by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel D4F :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 5 0 CF2 by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel CF2 :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 1 0 Sky Blue Bishie Couple Claim by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Sky Blue Bishie Couple Claim :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 1 0 Bishie Claim by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Bishie Claim :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 0 0
Lovely Kidnapping
"Let me go you barbaric fools!" Katara yelled, struggling against the chains that held her to the wall.
"Not going to happen," Jet replied, casually munching on his piece of wheat.
Zuko remained silent, leaning against the wall.
Katara growled before looking away. It had been near about a few weeks since she had been taken away from Sokka. During that time she had gotten into a lot of fights with Jet but to her horror, she had suddenly found out that she was in the worst position.
She had fallen in love with him.
Now she could barely look at him without blushing and found her self stuttering more often.
"Zuko, can I speak to her in private?" Jet suddenly asked and was answer when Zuko left the room.
Oh great, now she was alone with him.
He stalked over to her, making her glare more at him. He then suddenly smirked, crouched down to her level and spit out his wheat. He grabbed her chin making her gasp.
He then leaned in and kissed her.
She sat frozen as his hands begin to wander. She di
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 1 1
Jetara One shot
Walking down a pathway, Katara sighed to herself as she took in the scenery. It had been a year since the defeat of the Fire lord and things has started to become peaceful. However lately Katara had been confused about something.
She had started to doubt her feelings for Aang.
It wasn't Aang in generally that she had a problem with, he was a very good friend. But the spark had just...vanished.
So busy in the thought, she didn't realize until too late that she had bumped into someone.
"I'm sorry-"
Looking up at the person she collided into, she froze. Standing in front of her was none other then Jet, who she had thought died.
Jet on the other hand was also shocked to see her, but he hid it well and smirked at her.
"Well, if it isn't Katara..."
She should be angry but instead a tear slipped from her eye and before she knew it, she was hugging him. He froze at her touch before carefully slipping his arm around her, hugging her back.
"It's alright Katara, geez i never imagined you'd cry."
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 0 1
Snow Ferret for Breeding by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Snow Ferret for Breeding :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 3 0 Angel Cat for Breeding by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Angel Cat for Breeding :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 5 0 Wolf for Breeding by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Wolf for Breeding :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 5 0 Night  Rose Fire Bird Breeding Mare by Aqua-Amethyst-Angel Night Rose Fire Bird Breeding Mare :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 1 0
ShikaIno Winter One shot
Shikamaru and Ino entered their shared apartment with different expressions. While Ino was giggling madly into her palm, Shikamaru looked much like a wet cat. Grumpy.
He too was wet, but not from rain or a bath, rather, from his girlfriend. She had apparently decided she was in the arm and bombed him with snowballs while hiding. He didn’t even know what was going on and thought some little punk was doing it, but then it stopped. He had followed the sound of familiar laughter and saw his girlfriend hiding behind a snow-bank. The little minx had been laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.
He always knew women were evil…
“Oh come on, don’t look like that,” Ino said with a smile as she took off her scarf and coat. Shikamaru just grunted as he kicked his shoes off.
“You’re such a troublesome woman…and you know I hate the cold.”
“Because the cold is troublesome too, right?” Ino rolled her eyes. Honestly. How’d she
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 2 0
Day 3
Day 3 September 6th 2012
On Wednesday of this week Krystal  and I were putting up a poster I had brought last year. There was a stink bug in it so I began freaking out screaming while Krystal killed it with her flip-flop.  We then took half an hour trying to hang the poster  up which kept falling down. Finally my R.A Jenna managed to get it to stay up on my wall.
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 1 1
Day 2
Day 2 September 5th 2012
A week ago on the first day of biology my best friend Krystal saw a cockroach which was huge! It was crawling across the sideboard of Ajp 213.
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 0 1
Day 1
Day 1 August 27th 2012
My dogs are more my family than anything else in this world. No matter what they are there. People think animals don’t have feelings but living with animals all my life has taught me different. My dogs come to me when I need a friend, lick my tears away when I cry. All five of them are always so forgiving and loving. I could or would never live without them. My dogs truly shape my life!
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 0 1
Mature content
First Kiss :iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 3 2
Catch me
He would take any opportunity to touch me, to hold me close in his arms.
Our relationship had to be kept a secret so we barely ever touched. Yamato seemed to enjoy the secrecy of it all but I however found it more difficult to not let my feelings be so apparent.
As a result, I would constantly find myself tripping and Yamato would always conveniently be there to catch me.
Although the contact was brief, it was still contact, which was better than none.
Everyone remained oblivious to our secret relationship, and when it was dark Yamato would ruffle my hair, sigh and say, "I can't let a girl walk home by herself, Kunoichi or otherwise." And take me home.
I appreciated the gesture, and if it wasn't for the conspiratorial wink I would have thought that I had mistaken his feelings for me.
I would often lie in bed at night and remember what it felt like when he was holding me or touching me. Not in perverted way, just remembering the warmth that his touch brought and the strong feelings in m
:iconaqua-amethyst-angel:Aqua-Amethyst-Angel 3 5


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:iconheidi:Heidi 1,693 4,099
Temporary Defeat
How did this happen?
I lost everything
All my power...
All my might...
I'm beaten...
Damn you!
But I will rise again
And I'll return
Even stronger than I am now
You can be sure of it
And then
Victory shall be mine!
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 31 33
Bloody Lines: detention (Harry and Tom) (breath 6)
Summary: Harry finds more than he expected at detention with Dolores Umbridge. Also, Tom discovers Harry has an enchanted mirror...
( First Chapter ) |Previous: Classes and Mirrors

The Superintendent in Pink was at her worst. She had cornered Harry in the hall after dinner during the first week of classes, and she had smiled her frog-like smile. “Going somewhere, Mr. Potter?” she simpered.
Harry eyed her suspiciously. “I’m going to the Gryffindor Tower.” He said resolutely.
“It’s in the opposite direction. You shouldn’t lie, my dear.”
Harry stared.
Harry must have breathed too harshly because Umbridge asked, “What was that?”
“Nothing.” Harry said, confused. He really hadn’t said anything, he thought. Perhaps he was staring aloud…
“Do you know who I am?” Her lips curled. She asked, startin
:iconsmallsmiles:smallsmiles 8 7
Seeking New Founder
Hello everyone.  I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the group. Running groups is just something I'm not really able to do anymore from health reasons. I need someone willing to run this group and keep up an active role in accepting deviations and bishie claims and updating the lists and all the other day to day maintenance.
I don't want to shut this group down since it's an awesome group and I'd still like to be a member myself. I need a new admin to pass this over too. We need to a new founder who can take this group over and be serious about it and hopefully not let it fall to such a hiatus again.
I will be perfectly happy to hand control over to someone who feels they have the passion to run this place.   Just contact me about it.  I can also stay on as a cofounder if needed to help a new founder out with running this.
I am accepting application for a new founder either as a comment here or in a note. For those who are serious about it, please send the foll
:iconbishie-claim:Bishie-Claim 2 3
008 Bravyne by HonaSoma 008 Bravyne :iconhonasoma:HonaSoma 33 0 009 Heroather by HonaSoma 009 Heroather :iconhonasoma:HonaSoma 36 12 007 Kelupy by HonaSoma 007 Kelupy :iconhonasoma:HonaSoma 44 1 6 Days Until Pokemon X and Y! by PrinceofSpirits 6 Days Until Pokemon X and Y! :iconprinceofspirits:PrinceofSpirits 255 49 Happy 2 year anniversary!! by jt0002 Happy 2 year anniversary!! :iconjt0002:jt0002 19 25 Day 7 - Braixen by PrinceofSpirits Day 7 - Braixen :iconprinceofspirits:PrinceofSpirits 310 21 Turtwig by Ninetales94 Turtwig :iconninetales94:Ninetales94 4 0
The best night - Jack FrostxReader
I probably should have been scared or at least slightly unnerved: who in the middle of the night wouldn’t be? Especially if they were standing alone on a silent road. But as the snowflakes began falling gently I couldn’t help but smile softly as I reached up a hand and caught one of the precious ice crystals.
I had been feeling very distressed lately, what with all the things that had happened during the last few months and slowly a feeling of constant paranoia (perhaps a bit exaggerated) had crawled up on me. Every now and then, when I was out walking, a second shadow seemed to appear, even in broad daylight with no other source of light than the sun.
At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, probably because of all the stress, but as it kept showing up I got more and more nervous. My walks became shorter and less frequent than before, to the point where I barely left the house unless I had to. And it was then the paranoia began to set in. Suddenly I saw
:iconsuperqatargirl:SuperQatarGirl 51 208
Spirit of Fall Chapter 2
Life is a funny thing, you think you’re pretty much done once your dead but then the moon awakens you and tells you you’re not done and that you have plenty more things you need to do. Such was the case for Hiccup and Toothless, they may have been killed by their enemies the Outcasts, but the moon god had blessed them with a second chance at  life although; Hiccup wasn’t quite sure what he was supposed to be doing.
It had been a few weeks since his and his dragon’s death and after watching their own funeral, along with the few Harry Hooligans who had lost their lives as well; he wasn’t sure how to feel watching his own body being lit aflame as the ship that held his and Toothless’ body sailed. He couldn’t put Astrid’s tears out of his head, how she held his cold lifeless body after she and the others had found him, they had ended their relationship just three months prior but that didn’t mean he cared any less for her; he hated
:iconxzadzapx:XZadZapX 31 19
Noralein [ Hogwartschool - Gryffindor ] by rukawa93 Noralein [ Hogwartschool - Gryffindor ] :iconrukawa93:rukawa93 3 27
Broken Angel 2 ~sasuhina~
Last Time on Broken Doll!
"I want you to understand what you have. Understand what I wanted and understand just how LUKCY you are. Because if you just ignore it, I WILL take my chance whenever I have it. I mean not to be rude sakura but please realize this, If not for me then for him." directing her eyes to naruto quickly, hinata turned towards kakashi and saskue who were now standing underneath the tree and looking on with bored eyes, bowed and ran leaving behind in her wake glittering tears hovering slightly in the air before the wind carried them over to land on naurto's cheek acting as tears of his own.
So this is where her feet lead her. After running away from the thing she wanted to most, Hinata didn't stop to say hello to anyone, she didn't say sorry to anyone she bumped into. She just didn't care. Why would she all her sanity left her for a moment. She wasn't the hinata we all knew her to be. Not caring where she went as long as it was away and the farthest place from him.
:icondarkgoddess003:darkgoddess003 6 2
Pup for Aqua by Kitkat-Adopts Pup for Aqua :iconkitkat-adopts:Kitkat-Adopts 1 0



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so guys i am back and need to renew my pm so my writing commissions are open please help me out!
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